If you keenly observe the life people are living today, you will notice that almost every family has embraced carpet use. This fact has therefore caused a lot of carpet-selling and cleaning entities to come in place. Some only sell carpet, but others do the two tasks, i.e., selling carpets and offering cleaning services. Among the most common cleaning method nowadays is cleaning deep steam carpet cleaning.

Maybe you have been wondering where you can get the right information about this cleaning method. You just made the right decision by visiting our website. Here you will get to learn about deep steam carpet cleaning, how safe it is for pets and families, how it’s done, and some of its benefits. Read through!


How deep steam cleaning works


Deep steam cleaning in carpets works through injection of hot water under extremely high pressure on a rug and later extracting that water out. As water is extracted, dirt and soil are also removed together leaving the carpet spotlessly clean.

In executing the cleaning process, steam cleaners are commonly used. The techniques involve pre-treating stains using an appropriate cleaning agent and then using a pre-spray that breaks down the surface tension of the carpet allowing water to penetrate deeply into the carpet before the extraction process. When water penetrates inside the carpet fabrics, it dissolves soil and dirt contained inside and hence during water extraction, all the dirt is blown out.


Why deep steam carpet cleaning is safe


Since steam carpet cleaning uses water and a friendly carpet treating solution called Citrus that is blown off later together with dissolved dirt you do not need to worry that your carpet will have unpleasant smells while in the house. Also, water is a natural compound and has no effect so far while Citrus is non-toxic. The two combination guarantees your pet and your family safety after the cleaning process.
Benefits of cleaning carpets using the deep stream method

If you live in State, you might have heard about Tampa Carpet Cleaning a company that offers tiles and carpet cleaning services to thousands to residents. According to them, deep steam carpet cleaning ensures all strains in a carpet are eliminated during cleaning leaving your rug clean and fresh. This is something this company takes pride in doing for several years. Other benefits you get in deep steam cleaning include:

1). You experience a method that can kill up to 99.9% germs and bacteria in carpets. Water used burns harmful microorganism and killing them within 10 seconds.

2). The primary compound in steam cleaning is water. Water is friendly, so you are assured that no hazardous compounds will be within your carpet. This ensures the safety of your pet and family.

3). Since only a pre-treating solution is used and plenty of water, your carpet will not experience any residue effect at the end. This is essential since to some point; residues makes carpets even dirtier and unhealthy than they were before. Also, residue tends to attract more soils and debris at an alarming rate making your carpet look dirt every single day.




Steam cleaning in carpet is becoming a favorite method day in day out as the most friendly and convenient way of washing carpets. It is now widely used among homeowners, so you also need to try it as you wash your carpet next time.