Do you rely on grout to keep the tiles of your kitchen and bathroom gap-free? Have you ever noticed dirt build up in your grout the day after using it?

If so, then it is important for you to know how to keep grout clean and your floors and walls in shape. The toughness of grout makes it easier for mildew and other dirty material to stick and give your rooms a bad look.

With our knowledge of home improvement, the grout you use will stay clean and keep your tiles strong.

Instead of grouching about dirty grout, follow these tips on how to keep grout clean and stain-free.

1. Grout Cleaners

When it comes to how to keep tile grout clean, it helps to use tools that are designed specifically for that purpose. That’s where grout cleaners such as ours come in.

The best route is to combine a cleaner with hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and mild dish soap so that you can thoroughly clean the surface of the grout. Avoid acidic, waxy, and oil-based cleaners so that you don’t leave any stains afterward.

2. Steam Cleaners

Keeping grout clean can be a challenge if you are dealing with mold and dirt that has stuck around for a while. That’s where steam cleaners come in, as they are designed to fight material that is tougher to remove than others.

Cleaners work best with just water instead of additional chemicals so that it does the best job. You’ll be able to get rid of sticky mold and mildew, and a grout sealer will help fight off future stains.

3. Scrubbing and Rinsing

Some of the best options to clean dirty grout require using your hands more than machines. In this case, you can scrub and rinse areas where you find dirt that can reduce the look of your floors.

Sponges and microfiber cloths come in handy in how to keep grout clean by getting spots wet and drying them up to remove unwanted material. These tools help with walls and small spots on floors, but bigger grout messes on the floor will need a mop.

4. Bleach

One reason why your grout might be dirty or not doing its job is that your cleaning material isn’t soft enough. With bleach, you can provide your grout the gentle cleaning that gets rid of stains easily.

Take your time rubbing the bleach on the grout so that it does a better job of handling messes in the future. This will help you reduce the number of cleaning seasons that your grout will need.

5. Create Regular Routines

Whatever tools you use to handle dirty grout, you need to keep an eye on the tiles in your bathroom and bedroom on a regular basis. Schedule a day and time every week to clean dirty tile grout so that your floors and walls keep sparkling.

With a cloth and the right amount of soap or rubbing alcohol, you can prevent mildew build-up before it starts. Pay attention to any areas that haven’t gotten the same amount of cleaning as others.

Our Take on How to Keep Grout Clean

When it comes to how to keep grout clean, you can use homemade material or specific tools that help in this situation.

With these tips, you can keep your floors and walls looking as good as new.

For more home improvement expertise, check out our guides and call us today to create a clean and comfortable environment.